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Monday, May 3, 2010

"Tiffany Overlook", roads next for Cahuenga Peak

The New Yorker is reporting that Cahuenga Peak - forever a symbol of the heart and strength of Griffith Park - is about to be outfitted with new roads and a new Tiffany Overlook in honor of the big money donors who 'Saved the Peak'.

Just the kind of schlock and development that a certain councilman loves.  So does Will Rogers, president of the Trust for Public Land, apparently. Says the New Yorker: "According to Will Rogers, the president of the Trust for Public Land, “They do these grants for places they think are important and romantic—places where people can propose to each other.” 

Guess the TPL believes you cannot propose to your loved one without a built structure at the ready. There's no mention of what Hef is getting out of the deal, either, but one can only imagine.

Well, it just couldn't be land acquisition, could it?  Nah. 'Course not. So how many of you who donated to the cause want your money back if it is going to be used for this crap, and not the land purchase?  Raise your hand.