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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning around the park

Mulholland Terrace has an excellent piece at the LA Weekly on the thuggies and wannabes at IBEW and the DWP - and what they do with our money. One read that will both enlighten, and tick you off as it should. Highly suggested.  Read DWP: Reservoir Dogs here.

300 500 acre brush fire in Corona, and it isn't even the ides of May.  Yet some of you anon commenters still think it is a bad idea to have all Park Rangers patrolling in da big parks. ...and Common Sense takes a nasty left to the jaw....

City Council bans travel to Arizona and makes noise about a lot of other economic bans. Wondering if we'll be stopping Angelenos at the AZ border.

Yesterday's Council session is probably more about deflection than action. That said, even if what Arizona has passed is a just cry for immigration reform as some claim, the Governor cannot seem to stop herself from passing other seemingly related garbage.  GIGO

Riordan's talking and talking and talking the B word. While Big Brother in City Hall refutes it and claims you are killing Los Angeles if you even utter it.

We don't support Riordan or bankruptcy. We have thought that bankruptcy is the likely end-state for some time now and have said so.  In reviewing the house of cards that the Mayor and his crack team of world-class fiscal experts (sic) have stacked LOS ANGELES CITY FY11 on, we still think the "B" word is likely.  Unless that 'economic miracle' happens. Hm.

City Council takes up the final required budget hearings Friday or Monday, and P3 is The WordPublic-private partnerships. Never bad in concept, but the haste, and hence with lack of any transparency coupled with a complete dearth of true fiscal leadership or skill makes P3 the new political kick-back. If the momentum continues, it'll take decades to undo the corruption being sown.

We're kinda sick of the corruption already. No more fresh hell, please.

The Mayor has his budget hat hung on the other P-word: Parking.  Word to the Mayor - some of that ain't gonna work.  This issue is evolving even now.

Will Bell is hosting one of the coolest bike ride ideas we've seen: Frank Lloyd Wright rides! Every Saturday in May. Most excellent. Check out lametblogs for the details.