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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Peak: officially saved

The Trust for Public Land has announced that the $12.5 million needed to Save the Peak is in hand. Hurray!

There is a 9am news conference with the insufferable Tom LeBong and the Governator on the subject. snore

Someone should ask LeBong point-blank how the Chicago extortionists ended up with land that was offered to the City before the extortionists bought it. Just how did that happen, Tommy? And how much money will you spend and how many City resources will you waste throwing a big party for yourself and your performing ego?

No matter. Chicago robs Los Angeles blind, but the park is made whole.

From the Trust for Public Land:

Cahuenga Peak Saved!

We Did It!

It's a perfect ending to a Hollywood story. Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner stepped forward with a $900,000 donation, triggering the $500,000 match from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation and Aileen Getty and pushing our Save the Peak campaign across the $12.5 million finish line. Get the full scoop here.

While the deal closed with a large gift, it was the supersized efforts of a generous and energetic community of supporters that made the campaign possible. It's people like you who helped us save Cahuenga Peak, and we are very grateful.

But Wait--There's More

Stay tuned--we have not yet begun to celebrate! Plans are in the works for a special event next month, but the details are under wraps for now.