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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New blood needed in CD 4 - your choices?

In March 2011, elections will be held for Los Angeles City Council districts 2 (Krekorian), 4 (LaBonge), 6 (Cardenas), 8 (Parks), 10 (Wesson), 12 (Smith - termed out), and Red Spot's favorite, 14 (Huizar).

This past weekend, SLAP - the Saving LA Project, passed a resolution to do candidate searches and create support structures for new political blood.

GPWist whole heartedly supports this action, starting first and foremost with Council District Four: Tom LaBonge's personal fiefdom.  District Four includes Griffith Park, Los Feliz, and parts of the Miracle Mile, Hancock Park, Laurel Canyon, Toluca Lake and North Hollywood.

LaBonge is a true career politician, earning a paycheck on the public's dime for almost all of his career except for a brief stint with the DWP as what was reportedly some type of community liason or publicist. That probably explains why LaBonge has been actively defending DWP management during the recent rate hike drama.

It's probably true to say that since he has not done it in the eight years he's already been in office, Tom LaBonge likely never author a single piece of significant legislation. Listening to him babble during council, you have to ask yourself if he can even spell legislation sometimes. But we digress. Can anyone name a piece of truly significant legislation actually authored by LaBonge?  Here's one of our favorites of Tom's. Good stuff.

Noteworthy is that LaBonge controls the council's Arts Parks Health and Aging Committee, and will probably remain chair of this important committee if re-elected. This committee is tasked with oversight of areas vital to healthy neighborhoods, and this is probably as good a reason as any to find new blood.

Let's hear your suggestions for CD 4 candidates.  

We'll start with our choice: Box O. Rocks.  Box is smart, smooth, and more down to earth than LaBonge will ever be. He doesn't abuse prescription medication on work days, either. It's all good.