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Friday, April 9, 2010

Final fundraising strategy, outlook weak for Hollywood Sign effort

The Trust for Public Land has put out the call for the final push to raise the last $3 million needed to purchase Cahuenga Peak and save it from development. There's five days left. That's just $667,000 per day they need to raise to rescue this project if you believe their press:
The Real Wildlife of Hollywood... high above the bustle of the city below. Local hikers know that the best reality show in Los Angeles is a green carpet affair starring the charismatic critters that thrive among the native plants on Cahuenga Peak, home of the Hollywood Sign. This production has been running for eons, but cancellation may be looming on the (currently unspoiled) horizon. We have until April 14, 2010, to raise the final $3 million of the $12.5 million needed to forever protect this landscape from development. Time is fast running out, so we need your help now.
As someone who has successfully dabbled in professional fundraising from time to time, I am wondering about the strategies utilized in this campaign. $3 mil is no small feat on a short time frame. Some creative and appropriately aggressive fundraising strategies should be employed here. Why hasn't/isn't someone (read LaBonge, Mukri, Sanders, or Villaraigosa) pushing something like a challenge grant to entice people to donate?
So far, there really has been little real effort in the public sector on this campaign, which is disappointing. The public sector goal was, if I remember correctly - they've taken it off the web site - $1 million, and the last total amount raised I read was less than $100,000.

It is very unfortunate that this effort is slated to goes down in flames due to poor fundraising strategy and execution... as it stands.

That said, I have a funny feeling that the lack of any real hardcore professional effort -- at least as far as it concerns the general public front of the fundraising activity -- indicates there will either be an extension of the deadline, the $3 million isn't really the amount needed, or perhaps some local political donor is about to be made the backroom deal of the century by CD 4. Perhaps that deal has already been made.

In the meantime, the forecast for this worthwhile effort, as it can be determined from the outside looking in,  is dim.