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Monday, February 8, 2010

Recreation in LA City forfeit to "the Mayor's legacy"

Come Tuesday, the Department of Recreation and Parks may need to change its name.

While the Mayor has been meeting privately with Pete Wilson and Gray Davis on how to protect his personal legacy, the Los Angeles City Council votes Tuesday on a number of budget cuts proffered by the Mayor's Legacy Proxy (the CAO).

One of those recommendations (Agenda item 11, parts 16 and 17) actually states explicitly that it will result in the serious reduction or removal of the entire recreation function from the Department of Recreation and Parks. This year just recreation will be obliterated, in the next few years it will be the entire department.

Although the City Charter guarantees that the Department of Recreation and Parks receives at set percentage of local property taxes, it apparently has no guarantee that the Mayor and City Council cannot steal those funds after the fact. And steal they will on Tuesday.

Congratulations Antonio:

Your legacy is the destruction of affordable, easily accessible, healthy recreation for at-risk and low income youth all across Los Angeles.

Long may you be remembered for this.