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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Patches Pal is stunned

PBS's slick 'Pioneers of Television' installment on local live children's television pioneers aired tonight.

Shockingly, they made the choice to ignore the longest running locally produced kids' show in US history. The show I was holding my breath to see featured. The show myself along with most of the Pacific Northwest and all of British Columbia grew up with:

J.P. Patches

Not even a cursory mention! Wow. WTF.  Seriously.

Post-viewing, I find I'm taking this snub personally. Our humble Mayor of the City Dump - Julius Pierpont Patches, his girlfriend Gertrude, Tikey Turkey, Griswold, Ketchican the Animal Man, Boris S. Wort, and The ICU2 TV set were just such a huge part of my life and everyone else's growing up north of Portland and west of the Mississippi.

J.P., portrayed with magnificent charisma and endless kindness by Chris Wedes for going on six decades, was on my TV twice a day.  J.P. appeared at every major grocery store event, library event, Seafair and local parades, school events, ice skating rinks, air shows - you name it. The day J.P. came to my elementary school fundraiser is still a beloved highlight in my memory.

Even if you don't think Seattle and KIRO-TV was a major market or that Wedes' wonderful work deserved a full segment, the fact that the show reigns as the longest continually produced local children's show in the US should have at least gotten a simple mention.

But crickets for J.P.

And PBS can kiss this Patches Pal's butt.

Chris - I love you. Bob too.  Thank you both for some of the best memories of my life... starting with my daily 7am wake up alarm from the City Dump.

You'll never hear me say that to Willard Scott.