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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Draft CRA dissolution language published

Los Angeles's Community Redevelopment Agency  redirects billions of funding from what's left of our decimated core city services into fraud-riddled pet projects that directly benefit campaign donors and political friends in this town. 

They pay themselves pretty well while they're at it, too.

Yesterday, Governor Brown moved one step closer to abolishing this eminent domain-wielding fiscal monstrosity in Los Angeles as the Department of Finance published the draft language for its dissolution.

(2) Beginning with 2012-13 fiscal year, allocate these funds according to the existing property tax allocation, except for enterprise special districts, to make the funds available for cities, counties, special districts, school and community college districts to provide core governmental services. As a result of these actions, it is estimated that, by fiscal year 2012-13, these local entities will receive $1.9 billion per year in new resources to use for their core priorities.

(3) Require a successor entity to settle the affairs of the redevelopment agencies.

(4) Require the protection of contractual rights by successor agencies, which will be required to retire redevelopment agency debts in accord with existing payment schedules. No existing contractual obligations will be impaired.
The Department of Finance's link to an MS Word version of the full document is here.

The California Eminent Domain Report - a great source of current and technical information about Eminent Domain issues - has a .PDF of the full text of the draft language here.

Remember who supports Kelo Eminent Domain unchecked throughout all of Los Angeles, and who doesn't when you go to the polls to vote for our next City Council representative on March 8th.