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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cooley leads Harris - where are the 'No on 8' voters?

MT pointed out that:
While a wild amount of wild cards remain in the State's most neglected race, Steve Cooley's lead over Kamala Harris owes to a single factor: name recognition in Los Angeles County. 
What we should be asking is: where are all of LA County's 'No on 8' voters?

The passage of Prop 8 which legalized prejudice in this state is perhaps the most important issue involved in this election. It certainly is the largest that no one is talking about.

Cooley is absolutely a Yes H-8er and states that he would have defended Prop 8. Jerry Brown and the Goverator chose not to defend Prop 8.

Harris has stated her opposition of Prop 8.  WWJD (What Would Jerry Do?) would have applied to Ms. Harris.

If you believe that human rights and equality are more important than name recognition, then the Cooley/Harris race should at least be a toss-up here.