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Friday, October 23, 2009

Glazed and Confused

Greetings on a beautiful Friday afternoon!

For more information on any of the items here, please visit the Council District 4 website:

- Councilmember LaBonge is proud to dedicate the beautiful new track and field at his alma mater, John Marshall High School today. The dedication ceremony begins at 5 p.m., just before the Barristers face the Lincoln High School Tigers in the Homecoming football game at 6 p.m. The Marshall track was short when the school opened in 1931; grading and irrigation problems on the football field's end zones caused frequent problems for players. Councilmember LaBonge has been wanting to see this facility standardized for 40 years. Please join him for a pre-event tour at 4 p.m. See the attached flier.

- Tom voted to support the Wilshire subway project after being sworn in as a temporary METRO board member yesterday. He filled in for Councilmember Jose Huizar who was unable to attend. The board re-affirmed its plan to apply for federal funding for the Subway to the Sea, which will provide a much-needed link between the Westside and the rest of the Metro system, via a Wilshire Boulevard subway line. If Metro, a County agency, receives federal funding for this project, the subway could be completed in as little as ten years.

- The Los Angeles Police Department's new headquarters will be open to the public for tours tomorrow. The new building is directly across the street from City Hall at the 100 West First Street, Downtown. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief William Bratton will lead opening day ceremonies at 10 a.m. For more information, visit the LAPD website:

- The public is welcome to see and touch the largest section of the Berlin Wall outside of its home city. It is on display now at 5900 West Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile.

- Councilmember LaBonge is happy to co-sponsor nature education programs at four Silver Lake elementary schools through the Wildwoods Foundation. Thank you to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council for matching CD4's $1,000 donation for the Full Circle program, which teaches fifth graders about the parallels between nature and human behavior. For more information on the Full Circle program, visit the Wildwoods Foundation website:

- Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help John Marshall High School seniors with their college applications. Organizers at the school were overwhelmed by the positive response from LaBonge News readers. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the students and the entire community.

Have a great weekend and continue to enjoy and love Los Angeles.