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Monday, October 19, 2009

GGPNC meeting Tuesday - get involved!

GGPNC Board Meeting - 7pm October 20, 2009
Start: 10/20/2009 7:00 pm 

Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at:

The Los Feliz Community Police Center (2nd floor of Citibank)
1965 N. Hillhurst Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Agenda for the Monthly Board meeting is posted about three day prior to the meeting and copied below.

1. Call to Order; Quorum Check
2. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items; Public Announcements (2 mins. each)
3. Reports: Public Officials and City Staff
4. Treasurer’s Report (5 mins.)
A. Board Resolution authorizing new Treasurer for Funding requests.
Resolution: The Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council Board has elected David Uebersax as Treasurer on September 15, 2009, and with the appropriate training and funding forms completed, transfers authority to submit Demand Warrants and fulfill approved funding transactions as appropriate with the petty cash account, as well as the credit card issued to be administered on in accordance with the GGPNC bylawas and within the guidelines set forth by the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.
B. Treasurer’s Report. Brief status report on current items, and discussion of follow up for 2009-2010 budget as approved, to include updated rollover fund total and other proposed budget items to be represented with further detail for approval.
5. Executive Committee Report (15 mins.)
A. Consideration of items for proposed action on grievance filed by Dana Cremin; discussion and action as appropriate.
B. Discussion of appropriate fees for copying ggpnc documents/materials as requested by interested stakeholders.
6. Approval of Minutes from May, June, July, August and September, 2009 Board Meetings

Committee Reports
7. Education Committee
A. Request for $5,000 for Big Blue M Project at Marshall High School as part of matching grant of $10,000 from LA Beautification Grant. Discussion and action.
B. Request for letter to be written to Mr. Cortines, LAUSD to keep fourth vice-principal at King Middle School. Mr Mark Jolley has been of great assistance to us and the school needs the consistency of a vp that has been there for 6 years, needs the continituity in the process of going from year-round to traditional school year and the perpetuation of good community relationships. Discussion and action. 

8. Parks River and Open Space Committee

A. Update on coyote killings controversy in Griffith Park. Discussion of circumstances leading to the euthanizations, and proposed remedies including possible action on a Community Impact Statement of support for LaBonge City Council Motion 09-2327 drafted in response to the euthanizations. 

B. Update on community and CD4 response to possible changes in duties and reassignments within the Recreation and Parks Department's Park Ranger Division. 

C. Update on final plan for the LADWP 2009 Light Festival in Griffith Park, including public comment and GGPNC opinion poll results. 

9. Outreach Committee
A. Request from LA City re: 2010 Census
B. Report on upcoming election timelines. Discussion and possible action.
10. Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation Committee

A. 2223 Nottingham Ave. Request to retain recently constructed over-height walls and hedges in required front yard setback. Committee recommends opposition. 
B. Ruen Pair Thai Restaurant, 5257 Hollywood Blvd. Request to sell beer and wine at existing restaurant until 2 a.m. Committee recommends non-opposition provided service not extend beyond 11 p.m., permission cease upon change of ownership and other conditions accepted by applicant.  
C. 2208 Catalina (4821 Los Feliz Boulevard) request to build 345 foot, 7 ft. high wall set back 5 ft. from property lines on Catalina and Los Feliz with higher pedestrian and automobile gates. Committee recommends opposition. Applicant has indicated he may reconsider proposal and ask for subsequent review by committee.)
11. Cultural Committee
A. Request for support from Hollywood Remembers, Inc., for production expenses of its annual World AIDS Day observance on Sunday November 29: "Red Ribbon" by Joe Lawrence, directed by Jerry Craig. (see supporting information, page 3)
12. Other Comments and Announcements
13. Adjourn