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Thursday, November 18, 2010

While We're At It.....

Being deliriously happy over L.A. County's single use grocery bag ban, I couldn't help but wonder, since we're on a "roll," what else can we ban? Here's my list for your consideration...

1) Let's ban smog.

*cough* We must get over our addiction to it. It's killing us. Perhaps a big warning sticker should go on the side of all pre-2000 vehicles.

2) Let's ban mean people.

40 years of watching the Grinch every Christmas and we still haven't gotten voluntary compliance. Time for a law.

3) Let's ban the phrase "thrown under the bus."

If actually throwing someone under a bus is a capital offense, using this phrase in daily conversation should at least be a misdemeanor.

4) Namecalling.

What, are we all still in third grade now? Namecalling is a trick used by simpler minds to distract us from intelligent discussion. Let's not fall for it, let's get over it. State your point, not your prejudice.

5) People making phone calls.

Behind me. In line at the grocery store. Oh, oops, I thought you were talking to me, but instead I see you're yelling into your new iPhone. I'm surprised you need a satellite connection at all.